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Best Time To Sell a House in Atlanta Georgia?

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Best Time To Sell a House in Atlanta Georgia?


Timing is essential for selling a house in Georgia after deciding to sell. According to past data, if you offer your $400,000 house in March, it might sell for $22,520 more than the average price per year. However, the ideal time to list your house will vary based on your selling goals. Discover the factors impacting the selling process and choosing when to sell your house, and continue reading the blog.

Housing Trends in Atlanta

The typical listing price in Atlanta is currently $412,000 ($265 per square foot), while the typical sales price is $410,000. With a sale-to-list price ratio, the listing price is 5.9% more than the asking price. Most homeowners are selling a house in Georgia for the asking amount or just a little bit more. Atlanta is becoming a strong seller’s market, with properties selling after an average of 37 days.

Atlanta real estate prices depend on the community in which the property is located. For example, the typical listing price in the Grove Park area is $299,000. In Morningside – Lenox Park, on the other hand, it is almost $1 million.

Best Time for Selling a House in Georgia

The real estate market in Atlanta is very popular. Experts thought the market would level out or decline, but it didn’t. They have never experienced a market such as Atlanta. It has been this way for the last two and a half years.

Seasonal trends, with the market heating up in the spring before the COVID-19 outbreak, shocked the market, but that changed in 2020. Springtime usually arrives, bringing fresh air for homeowners. For sellers, March and April were always the busiest months.

For the last couple of years, homeowners sold houses in October and November. They want to do that spring cleaning and spruce up outside.

Selling Trends in Atlanta

Busy Market

Selling a house in Georgia has created a busy market. Workforce Report for Atlanta discovered a hiring increase of 3.3% in November 2021 compared to the previous month. A large number of workers are coming from Los Angeles and California.

Atlanta residents, on the other hand, mostly moved to Tampa Bay, Florida, and Dallas-Fort Worth. Because of this brief lifestyle, there is a strong demand for residences in the real estate market as people move out and others buy the available properties.

Housing is Becoming Unaffordable

The suburbs are places where people move for more cheap homes. But house prices in metro Atlanta are on the rise. This might no longer be the case.

Atlanta is experiencing housing scarcity due to the same issues affecting the rest of the country. As a result of the housing crisis, people are searching for alternatives. Rapid growth, a lack of labor and materials, and corporate investors steadily make the suburbs and the metro area unaffordable.

Inventory is Trending Down

The trend for inventory is declining in Atlanta while selling a house in Georgia. Just 0.9 months’ worth of housing inventory was available in the Atlanta region in January 2022. This is a 24.2% decline from the same month the previous year. Prices usually rise faster in a shorter period, as the Atlanta property market is doing well.

Median Sale Price is Trending Up

Home values in the Atlanta region are up by more than 74% in the last five years. Depending on the source, the median sale price for selling a house in Georgia and year-over-year change vary, but it’s evident that sale prices are still rising.

Tips for Selling a House in Georgia

Experts suggest ways to help you sell home fast Georgia and for a higher price. Decluttering is the most important thing you need to do to sell house fast in Georgia. Paint a little bit and vacuum the carpet. In Atlanta, you often don’t even need to do that, but if you want to increase your profits, you want potential buyers to see your house in the best possible light.

Because you want visitors to see themselves living in your home, staging can significantly influence it. The best thing to do for selling house fast Georgia is to make sure the house in the interior is decluttered and clean and that the outside looks nice.

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Selling a house in Georgia demands thinking outside the box for desired results. Selling a house in April and May means listing your home quickly and often without any repairs. People sell their properties in March and April, expecting more return on investment (ROI). Experts advise listing your house on a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for a quicker outcome. You can get help from the real estate agent in your area in Georgia.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Georgia state law doesn`t ask for it to sell your home with legal representation. Working with one is still a good idea to ensure your interests are protected.

The best months to sell your home in Georgia are April, May, and June.

Light Box Invests is a trusted real estate agency in Georgia. We are not traditional agents; instead, we are the direct buyers. We buy houses as-is directly from the sellers.

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