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Sell Your Home in Metro Atlanta Simply in 3 Steps with Light Box Invests.

How Do We Buy Your Home Fast?

Step 1: Quick Call, Fast Cash

Sell your home for cash in Metro Atlanta!
Contact us at 470-668-5008 or submit your home info online. We’ll make a fair cash offer that meets your goals.

Step 2: Hassle-Free, Fair Cash Offer
No Agents – No Stress.

After a quick home review, we will make you an honest offer. We keep it clear and simple, showing you exactly how we came up with your offer.

Step 3: Flexible Closing
Your home, your timeline.

Whether you want to close in a week or need more time, we work around your schedule. A smooth sale on your terms is what we guarantee.


Why Choose Light Box Invests?

Welcome to Light Box Invests! If you are thinking, I need to sell my home quick,’ you’ve come to the right place. We help in all sorts of situations if you have house to sell in Georgia: sell fast, major renovations, inherited house, relocation, foreclosure, eviction, late taxes. When you need to someone to buy my house in Georgia, we will make a fair offer no matter the circumstance.
Why have countless homeowners sold to us? The answer is simple: the Light Box Guarantee!

We absolutely guarantee solid cash offers, fast sale, no realtor commissions, where you make no repairs, you select the closing date that works best, and you enjoy a hassle-free process.
Your satisfaction is our number one priority.
So go ahead and fill out our form. We’ll determine very quickly if we can help you, and unlike selling through an agent, you don’t have to wait to see if the buyer can get financing…We are ready to buy your home right now!

Why Choose Light Box Invests?

Our Unique Home-Selling Solution

Thinking about selling your home? With Light Box Invests, it is a breeze. Forget the old ways and go for cash home sales. Here is what you will skip when you sell your home in Metro Atlanta with Light Box Invests:

  • No more meetings with real estate agents.
  • Say NO to expensive home repairs.
  • Leave behind the hassle of setting up your home for showings.
  • No worries about visitors walking through your home.
  • No stress over deals falling through at the last minute.
  • You decide when to move on your schedule.

Choose Light Box Invests for a fast, smooth sale. And the best part? It is all on your terms — our offer comes with zero pressure to say yes.

Get the best home-selling experience — easy and straightforward with Light Box Invests.


Make Selling Your Home Easy with Light Box Invests!

Selling your home should be super easy, even if you have difficult problems to solve. That is our promise. We have the solutions and expertise to make everything smooth, no matter why you are selling. Downsizing? Upsizing? Moving places? Do you have a vacant lot? Payments coming up? Or legal problems like tax liens or title problems to deal with? We’ve seen it before and we handle it all.

At Light Box Invests, we are ready for anything. We will work with any condition your home is in. Let us turn your problems into our successive wins.

Why do homeowners choose us? They have loads of reasons:

Homeowners have entrusted us with their as-is sales for a variety of reasons:

  • Vacant Properties
  • Need to move for a job!
  • Inherited a home.
  • Money troubles
  • Underwater mortgages
  • Staying ahead of repossession
  • Sorting out a divorce
  • Big repair costs
  • Renters causing headaches

Choose us and forget the hassles of old-school selling. No obligation with our offer — just options for you.

Thinking it over? With Light Box Invests, you risk nothing but could gain a lot!

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